Language Arts

The English Language Arts Department focuses on developing excellence in language arts through the study of literature, vocabulary, and composition. Integrates reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing skills. Composition centers on the development of the multi-paragraph essay. 

In the 21st century of high-tech multimedia venues, writing still remains the major avenue for communicating ideas and information. In order to prepare students for the future, all students in OCPS are given writing opportunities within all content areas at all grade levels. Our vision for writing includes the following:

  • Writing is an integral part of learning.
  • Teachers must model writing-to-learn practices within an instruction.
  • The writing process remains the most successful vehicle for writing.
  • Writing instruction must go beyond formulaic writing.
  • Students benefit when they write for real-world situations that have personal connections.
  • Teachers must incorporate technology into the students' writing experiences. 
  • All schools must embed solid writing practices into their literacy cultures.